here's some more pictures from Karin's family album

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Karin at carneval 1962 Tom skiing for the first time ever Tom and Karin in Going, Austria Alejandra and Tom in Going, Austria Tom, Mollie, Karin and Alejandra in Fort Wayne (Indiana, USA) meeting Andy and Fran an Amish buggy parked at a restaurant
Alejandra shoots a real gun Tom, Mollie and Alejandra ready to enter Disneyland, Paris the Eiffel tower a view over Paris from the top of the Eiffel tower on our way to Amberg we got into a 20km long traffic jam in Hirschau you can take a boat up a 150 m high sandhill once you get to the top, you could ski down on the sand
meanwhile Tom is participating in a Volleyball tournament with his team after some delays Beth finally made it to Munich, her luggage took longer we took the cable-car up to the Hartkaiser in Ellmau, Austria everybody ready to go bowling Tom in Stuttgart we went on a 27km bike-ride, passing Kloster Schaeftlarn Tom and I went to have some Gluehwein downtown
we went to Salzburg in Dezember 2000 see an eclipse of the moon our trip to Denkendorf, May 26th 2001 some of the things we did in summer 2001 take a tour of Vienna, Austria Oktoberfest in September 2002 come visit the saltmine in Berchtesgaden
look inside Neuschwanstein for free building a snowman February 2003 skiing in Austria, March 2003 Munich's zoo, June 2003 Jakob's cave, August 2003 watch the stuntshow, November 2003 trip to Duesseldorf, September 2004
have a beer or two, September 2004 BBV sent me to Herrenberg, to learn EIS go to Las Vegas and get married, November 2004 short trip to Venice, May 2005 hop on the bus, tour Malta, August 2005 celebrate Independence Day, July 4th 2006 building a fence around our back yard, October 2007