We had seats reserved in the Loewenbraeu Bierzelt

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It's not as easy as it looks to get seats in one of the big beer-tents on the Wies'n. You have to start getting your reservations for next year as soon as this year's Oktoberfest is over.

But of course we got that done last year, so we had our guaranteed twenty seats on two tables in the Loewenbraeu tent. For a Thursday after work. Each of us had bought vouchers for two *Mass* beer and half a grilled chicken.

So we spent a few hours, drank a few glasses of beer, danced on the banks with thousands of others, and sang along with those crazy songs until we couldn't see straight anymore.

I think it's a *must*, especially if you live in Munich, to go to the one and only real Oktoberfest at least once in your lifetime. Well, I went four times this year - and maybe 100 times so far in my lifetime.

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